EV Charge-point Status Archive

Open Data Licence / Terms of Use
The following datasets are free to use under a creative commons attribution 4.0 international public licence, the details of which are available here. The datasets are based on source data provided by ESB E-Cars and used on their online charge point map and E-Car Connect app. ESB E-Cars have made the source data publicly available and free to use.

The dataset is tab-delmited and the attributes are as follows (in order): Date (yyyymmdd), Time (hhmm), Charge Point Id, Charge Point Type {StandardType2, CHAdeMO, CCS, FastAC}, Status {OOS | Out of Service, OOC | Out of Contact, Part | Partially Occupied, Occ | Fully Occupied, Unknown | Unknown}, Coordinates, Address, Longitude, Latitude.

The contents of the datasets are described in more detail in this blog post, which should be cited when attributing the source of the data as a condition of the open data licence.

CPInfo Dataset Archive Version 1.0 Last Updated 03/03/2018
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